Ridgeline 65 an REI bag


There are several reasons why everyone (even if your not so outdoorsy) should be an REI member.

For me it’s the convent of their return policy. Sometimes I’m not so sure of the right size or what functions I really need out of such items. With REI you can buy anything, for me this time was a bag pack, and if I found it not up to my needs or expectation, you can return it (even if its been used or a few years old).

You also, of course, get 10% back annually on what you purchase the year prior. With the membership they have amazing sales, coupons, free workshops, garage sale (which things can be up to 90% off), and their online store and outlet store of last year or overstock gear.

I bought this bag with my dividend ($53) and a 20% off coupon from the REI outlet store online. The bag was already marked down 29% from $199 to $139 with the 20% coupon went down to $111 ($28 off) than add my $53 in dividend, I paid only $68!!! Not bad for a get size minimal, comfortable, and easy function bag. Plus free shipping for things over $50.

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