What’s in the bag


1 Shirts. I have a Lulu Lemon tank and a running shirt. I love them, super comfy, wrinkle resistant, and can hand wash and dry quick. Oh also I can wear them multiply times before needing to wash. I have a few regular t shirts and a few blouse/button up. About 7 shirts all together.

2 Pants. I have my North Face hiking pants, that are also quick drying and could wear weeks on end with out ever needing to wash nor look it. Lulu Lemon yoga pants (which can serve as leggings for colder weather), blue jeans, and a pair of trousers (I’m not a fan of cargo pants). So 4 bottoms in total.

3 Undergarments. 4 pairs of sock, some thin running socks and some smart wool for hiking and colder climates, which are made out of antibacterial material (hence no need to wash as often). 6 pairs of Lulu Lemon and Patagonia undies, they can roll up small, dry fast, and are also made of antibacterial fabric (nobody wants stinky wet panties!) 2 sports bra, arm warmers, gloves and a scarf.

4 Shower necessaries. Dr. Bonner’s soap can be used as body wash, shampoo, face wash, laundry detergent, and even tooth paste( which is ok, but you can spare room for a tube of paste, cause its a bit yucky). I mean imagine washing your mouth with soap…. Yeah, anyways I’m packing shaving cream and razors too. You may wanna let it all go to lighten the load a bit, but i prefer a smooth leg. And Sunscreen, it’s so important, when your in high elevation the rays are so much stronger. Small 1 ounce Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner, I only shampoo once a week and rinse with hot water in between. I’m sure once I run out I’ll give Dr. Bonner a chance.

5 Shoes. New balance minimalist, light, compact and can be worn with out socks, they are awesome everything shoes. A pair of flip flop, and my hightop Vans, for mountain biking and walking around kicks, they are actually really supportive!

6 Sleeping bag. I prefer my own blanket and cozy comfort, but not necessary since I’ll be staying in hostels, but maybe for couch surfing and if I decide to go camping, which still some outfitters provide you with one, if you travel with them.

7 Toiletries. The usual, toothbrush, glasses, contact solution, contacts, a small brush, floss, q-tips (yes I know they’re not “good” for ya), deodorant, hair ties, face wash ( Dr. Bonner’s would work too) and nail clippers and tweezers, like I said, I like to keep groomed.

8 The Extras. Baby wipes (which my friend who didn’t shower for 6 weeks said was a luxury), insect repellent, band aids, anti bacterial ointment, chap stick, leather man, sunglasses, and tissues. Oh and some pepto and vitamins.

9 Jacket. My Patagonia puffy coat that I can roll up and stuff, it’s super warm. A long sleeve running sweater, It’s gonna be winter time while I’m in South America, a fleece hoodie could also work. And I’ll be wearing on me, my North face jacket which is good for 50 and 60 degree temperature.

10 Rain jacket. You never know, plus it rolls up and is pretty small, so why not.

11 Towel. A mini micro fiber towel, as above, it’s small and you never know.

* I’m also bringing my cycling gear which includes a full face helmet, google, padded shorts, jersey, and gloves. The bike tour are providing tools and tubes.

** And my travel yoga mat from Lulu Lemons, I used it so much in Nicaragua.

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