Unimpeachable Groping


What an amazing day, one of those everything went so perfect, it can’t be real. Each second and breathe, so alive and vivid. Brought me to this place of deep emotion. To reflect on the climb, the moment, the doubts, the dredge, the hours spent training. The push, even if you were tired, the days not having enough hours, the rain preventing you from hiking. But you still put on your backpack and hike up your stairs! Over and over again, because you know, there’s no excuses. It’s dedication! It’s commitment! It’s an goal coming to an completion. It’s also the thought and leap to make it an achievement. The decision to take life to your edge and dig deeper into yourself. The friend ship and bond to create a working team. To rely and help one another, and yes your life depends on it! If its running a marathon to run another marathon, cycle to Austin from Houston for the benefit of others, sitting in a bound meditation, just know you will get there, because taking the path is the challenge. With much love and gratitude to all my friends, family, and anonymous people who influenced and inspired me. Thank you a million times over, you are what makes me.

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