Let’s see, I’m from Houston, TX, and very much considers myself to be a Texan. But not in the, carry a gun, Barbeque and get the hell off my property kind. More of the YeeHaw, Giddy-Up and the “everythings BIGGER in Texas” sort. I love a lot of thing, and I have interest’s in almost everything. This is my first attempt at blogging, and I just started journaling just a few months back. It all started the day I left to Red Rock Canyon. It was just a urge to write. In fact I’m such a minimalist/anti-clutter habitant, I couldn’t find any paper, and hardly a pen to write with. Maybe its best that I decided to take it to this electronic form!

During my travels I’ll be writing about the experiences I have with the people I meet, the places I stay at, the vegan food that I find, and the awesome adventures I encounter.

Thanks for looking and reading. May peace and happiness be with you.


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