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Ica, Huanachina, and Paracas in less than 48 hours

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Huayna Picchu

Seems like one of those selected few moments of life that seems to just drop down on your lap. There’s some alinements that brings things towards each other and connect, but never crashes. Like meeting my lifelong friends at the … Continue reading

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Alma Zen

Alma Zen, super cute and cozy vegetarian restaurant in Mira Flores, a popular neighborhood in Lima, Peru. Being a vegetarian place, of course, had some vegan options. Having a pretty wait staff and a chill atmosphere, made my lunch that … Continue reading

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Unimpeachable Groping

What an amazing day, one of those everything went so perfect, it can’t be real. Each second and breathe, so alive and vivid. Brought me to this place of deep emotion. To reflect on the climb, the moment, the doubts, … Continue reading

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Vegan stuffed bell peppers

So, I was not that busy at work yesterday, and decided to make this! What I love to do when making a dish is look at several recipes, stem from the essentials and improvise. I look at vegan and non-vegan … Continue reading

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What’s in the bag

1 Shirts. I have a Lulu Lemon tank and a running shirt. I love them, super comfy, wrinkle resistant, and can hand wash and dry quick. Oh also I can wear them multiply times before needing to wash. I have … Continue reading

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Ridgeline 65 an REI bag

There are several reasons why everyone (even if your not so outdoorsy) should be an REI member. For me it’s the convent of their return policy. Sometimes I’m not so sure of the right size or what functions I really … Continue reading

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